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  Extreme Broadband IPE-Series
Infinity Premise® Enclosures

• Single compartment housing providing space for CATV equipment such as ground
blocks, splitters, Input / Output & Jumper Modules
• Intended for outdoor use on the side of the customer's house
• Weatherproof design protects the internal components against rain & directed water spray
• Thermoplastic housing & entrance grommet materials used are fire retardant, UV stabilized & resists degradation from enviromental contaminats, chemical fertilzers &
insecticide sprays

• Covers has a snap latch & can provide various types of security including F81 Terminators & recessed hex fasteners
• Hasp opening is provided for attaching a tamper-evident secuirty seal, inlcuding a padlock
• Enclosure's interior allows the technician full access to a modular component section
though the main cover
• Various components are mounted in the base on the 1.5 inch grid
• Cable entry & exiting is provided through thr port openings at the bottom of the enclosure
• One port on the left allows for the main input with a separate ground wire port
• Five ports on the right allow for cables going to the customer's equipment inside the premise

Available in 3 sizes to accomodate your needs

PhotoProduct #ManufacturerDescriptionMore
IPE500  Extreme BroadbandInfinity Premise® Enclosure Dimensions: 6.3" H x 7.8" W x 2" D...  [MORE] 
IPE1000  Extreme BroadbandInfinity Premise® Enclosure Dimensions: 9" H x 9" W x 3" D...  [MORE] 
IPE1500  Extreme BroadbandInfinity Premise® Enclosure Dimensions: 12.25" H x 12" W x 5.25" D...  [MORE] 

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